June 26, 2022




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NAWAF ALSABAH WRITES — The brand new Arab uprisings of 2018-2020 have demonstrated that instability within the Center East may result from regional states’ home turmoil.  A working example: threats posed to the nationwide safety of the tiny Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations on account of these current Arab Spring Revolutions. What started as minor protests quickly escalated into lethal clashes, with Arab governments cracking down on protesters. This resulted in anarchy in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria- hotspots of civil warfare that in the end threatened the soundness of the complete area.

These tiny GCC states face an enormous dilemma. Regardless of their strong financial capabilities from oil revenues, their nationwide safety has been threatened by Arab neighbours’ expansionist ambitions. The aftermath of the uprisings and social violence noticed the toppling of some Arab rulers, rising threats to the survival of GCC nations and rising urgency to stem political unrest. That is true for Yemen, Bahrain and Syria, which rely on world powers equivalent to the US to keep up their nationwide safety.

As well as, Iran and Iraq have been accused of attempting to realize regional dominance by growing nuclear capabilities, which in flip, in fact, pose a menace to the GCC states. Worse, the GCC itself has didn’t provide you with methods to confront safety threats; can GCC nations survive solely via international intervention?

These are small nations which have huge affect in regional affairs however want an enormous serving to hand from different powers. Petroleum reserves and booming oil revenues necessitate fixed exterior safety assist.  In flip, GCC financial integration and cooperation has created job alternatives for thousands and thousands of individuals in member states, turning into the envy of some Arab and Islamic neighbours that harbor goals of regional dominance.


Above all, it’s the GCC’s bodily proximity to highly effective bully neighbors that has led the US to deploy navy forces to the Gulf and to determine everlasting navy bases to supply the required safety. These navy bases throughout the GCC have come at simply the precise time, in response to regional terrorism and perceived safety threats to the GCC. Though not standard within the Arab world, the presence of the US navy within the area has stopped these imminent threats posed by highly effective neighbouring Arab nations.

It have to be stated, some Arab nations see the US’ navy involvement within the Center East as an effort to realize a regional coup. But US involvement is constructed on pragmatism, shared safety considerations and financial pursuits. To the tiny GCC nations, the navy and monetary may of the US has helped forestall extreme crises. Sure, these nations have benefitted from navy help and gear. Certainly, US gross sales of contemporary navy {hardware} such because the F-16, fighter plane and tanks have helped enhance safety.

Solely US assist can assure peace and stability within the area. International pursuits and aggression can’t be wished away. Peace and stability within the Gulf area are vital to the world. Fortuitously, the US stays a strategically vital ally to the Gulf area within the face of rapid safety threats posed by insurgents and terrorists.

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