July 5, 2022




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LIAM ROGERS WRITES — With the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, the previous Nobel Peace Prize winner and founding father of the Nationwide League for Democracy (NLD) in Myanmar-she who had additionally supported the genocidal actions of the Myanmar armed forces towards the Rohingya in 2017-the Myanmar army has usurped energy for the following 12 months.

Once more. Myanmar has been riddled with strife the previous 72 years over the matter of democratization. The army’s renouncement of the election on the depend of fraud proves that Myanmar is just not fairly prepared for a real democracy. Whereas it stays unknown whether or not the army will relinquish its energy on the finish of the declared time period, it might be greater than a good guess that this army junta will persist simply as earlier regimes have.

Traditionally, Myanmar’s political construction is cyclical in nature. After independence from Japan in 1948, the nation moved to a shortly-lived parliamentary type democratic rule, adopted by a 20 -year army junta that left the nation in spoil, then made method for the NLD to push for and win an election, which was then rejected by the army, permitting them to proceed their rule. The sample progressed to fashionable instances, in order that now the NLD fights for democracy however fails to take care of energy. No marvel: Myanmar is riddled with political opposition teams and events jockeying for dominance: communism, militarism, democracy, and so forth. With out the backing of the army, the NLD stays unable to take care of management. Nonetheless, what really stays stunning is that the army presumed energy on the premise that the election was fraudulently gained, and that democracy was not upheld within the election.


The NLD and different political events are adjuring their case to the worldwide neighborhood. Christine Schraner Burgener, the United Nations Particular Envoy to Myanmar, pleaded for the United Nations to take motion by, “urg[ing] all of you to collectively ship a transparent sign in assist of democracy in Myanmar” in order that the nation “doesn’t fall again into isolation.” But this outcry can’t be responded to by the Common Meeting, nor the Safety Council. Whereas the US, the UK, the European Union and different members of the UN physique condemn the actions of the army, to behave upon this condemnation would solely complicate the scenario. The place of the UN was by no means to uphold democracy inside a specific nation, or to cope with inside issues, however to carry democracy as one among its core values: “The United Nations helps democracy by selling human rights, growth, and peace and safety.”

Now the query arises, how else can the United Nations help the democratization of the nation and be certain that justice prevails? Sitting idly by and watching the army proceed its rule on this tragically chaotic Southeast Asian nation is just not an enough reply.

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