June 30, 2022



How Closing Doorways throughout Prayers is Costing Saudi Arabia

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NAWAF AL SABAH WRITES– Islam, quickly to grow to be probably the most adopted faith worldwide, presently second to Christianity, garners a few of the most religious followers. Muslims are dedicated to each day prayers (salat) on schedule.

In Saudi Arabia, as an example, Muslims are mandated to shut companies throughout prayer time. Sadly, this follow is starting to lift debates round profitability, as prayer time is  believed to price the nation large losses.

With the Muslim inhabitants in Saudi Arabia at 97.1%, and most practising each day, these enterprise breaks are costing an estimated $150 billion. And despite the fact that solely Muslims follow throughout Salat,  non-Muslim residents or enterprise individuals need to abide by this Muslim follow. Malls come to a standstill, and clients have to attend to obtain providers.

The math behind the Salat explains the gravitas of this monetary loss: every prayer lasts roughly half-hour to an hour, so, contemplating that there are 4 Salats in a working day, the Saudi economic system involves a standstill for about 2-4 hours each day.

Aside from financial losses and inconveniences, there are different related delays. Workers are fast to take breaks and reluctant to renew their respective duties, inflicting additional delays and misplaced  earnings. Vacationers have to attend at fuel stations that shut briefly and sufferers have to attend for  pharmacies to re-open.

In an effort to mitigate these damages, maybe enterprise homeowners would possibly contemplate rescheduling the breaks for salat follow and cut back the time taken— that’s, by slicing the half-hour of prayer in  half. In some elements of the Kingdom, important companies at top-notch malls have already integrated a praying in shifts coverage, guaranteeing that  enterprise operations don’t shut down directly.

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Can prayer practices be adjusted to fulfill financial  realities? Let’s hope so. Faith is holy, however enterprise issues, too.

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